KISS cabaret Novi Sad

KISS cabaret is established in 1999 and it is one of the most recognized and visited striptease bar in our region.
We represent to you world of the ravishing striptease and beauty, and real refresh of nightlife. We have flawless service and always gamesome staff ready to serve you. Our club guests enjoy in intimate atmosphere with much positive energy. What is important club works every day, so you can spend until early morning hours with beautiful girls and with your friends without worry about time. Ambience alone in club KISS is very cozy with its interior , professional sound system and lights and its characteristics, rich beverage offer, quality service and of course special program which is decorate with girls and artists with their skills.
KISS attracts number of visitors which stay until early morning hours. SURPRISES ARE AWAITNG FOR YOU! * If you want dance only for your eyes or dance at table for you and your friends, KISS is here to fulfill all of your wishes. Also if you want stripper on desired location, like clubs, pub or public places, we will make sure that it will be unforgettable! Also in KISS-cabaret it is possible to organize hot parties like bechalor party or even bachelorette party. WELCOME TO PLACE WHERE YOU WILL WISH TO COME BACK AGAIN!!!

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